Aeternus Industry Report, Packaging Industry May 2019

29. August 2019|0 Comments

2018 turned out to be a record year for the packaging sector, with over 50% more acquisitions than in 2017 and 2016. After a turbulent 2015 with a record number of acquisitions in the global [...]

M&A im Mittelstand – Komplexe Prozesse professionell gestalten

09. Juli 2019|0 Comments

Während das Thema M&A für große Firmen, Konzerne und deren Investoren quasi zum Alltag gehört, sind sowohl der Kauf aber im Besonderen auch der Verkauf eines Unternehmens im eigentümergeführten Mittelstand absolute Sondersituationen, die eine systematische [...]

Industry Report Agriculture, Food & Beverage December 2018

18. Dezember 2018|0 Comments

The Agri, Food & Beverages industry is constantly evolving to keep up to date with new trends and preferences across different demographics. Certification and confirmation of quality, ethical practices and sustainability are as important as ever to customers. M&A Worldwide and the Agri, Food & [...]

Industry Report Automotive June 2018

27. Juni 2018|0 Comments

Industry Report Automotive June 2018 Sam Barr from Bluebox, U.K. on the Automotive Industries worldwide „Journey Forwards“ Our German M&A Worldwide Member ACTIVE M&A Experts shares an insight view into the German Automotive Market – [...]