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M&A Worldwide – The Network for Mergers and Acquisitions

 Active M&A Experts is proud member of M&A Worldwide, the global network of M&A companies. Managing Partner Björn Voigt was chairman
and member of the Executive Board from 2015 – 2019.

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M&A worldwide now comprises of 49 member companies in 36 countries of the world, and, with over 433 specialists in the most economically significant regions of the world. The members of the organization reported a total of 339 transactions with a volume of 18 billion euro in the last 5 years.

M&A Worldwide is represented in the following countries:

ACTIVE M&A Experts have reached an unusually high number of strategic buyers through the cooperation with the partners of the M&A Worldwide, as well as the possible candidates for acquisitions. Many of the partners have, in addition to their special knowledge in the merging of companies’ profound experience in industry, production, trade and the service sector. The trustworthy cooperation with our international colleagues is essential for the business range of activities of ACTIVE M&A Experts.

We are also happy to represent the interests of foreign investors, who want to become involved in Germany

Due to the trustworthy approach to foreign interested parties we are expanding the marketing opportunities for German companies substantially. Similarly, we are also able to carry out foreign investments for our German clients through our international network.

The network allows for inter-cultural cooperation that is a key success-factor to almost all cross-border transactions.

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