During the last Barcelona fall conference, we had the chance and opportunity to introduce three IT companies from different countries seeking to expand beyond their homeland: Compta from Portugal, Wavestone from France and Postalia from Germany. It was a great opportunity to discover their international expansion strategy and to get the M&A WW members aware of their research criteria. A well-timed process and the presentation of qualified opportunities is certainly the main added value for our clients when attending such an event.

The next Convention will take place at spring in Amsterdam and will be a new opportunity of having interesting cross-border experiences’ sharing between the attendees. In this industry letter, you will find another success story of how our Israeli member helped Qualitest on becoming a leader by gaining an international footprint through a set of acquisitions. Then some M&A WW network members will share experiences and some of their successful M&A transactions or their IT market at a glance. In this issue, the expert corner will be dedicated to the vertical software market M&A drivers.


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