Gerhard Abel

Partner and Shareholder

My abilities for successful consulting in the M&A area are based on more than 30-years of experience in national and international M&A and financial transactions. I have also understood and put into practice, that finding solutions between conflictive interests and contrary characters is not only a science, but even more an art.

Gerhard Abel, Partner, ACTIVE M&A Experts


Gerhard Abel
Mobile:  +49 172 6717056
Phone:   +49 211 95786855

Expert  for:

  • Buying and selling of company shares including any questions about financing
  • Follow up situation, spin-offs, MBI/MBO approaches
  • Consultation for buyers in complex cross-border acquisitions, competitive situations
  • Company acquisitions by financial investors including family holdings, middle sized affiliated companies and private individuals (targeted research and potential openings)


  • Graduate Economist, University Gießen
  • Over 25 years of executive experience in the corporate finance advisory business of Dresdner Bank
  • Managing Director of corporate finance for large German groups, head of international new issue business worldwide. Set-up and leadership of a team for the corporate finance business with small and medium-sized companies in Germany
  • Since 2008 independent advisor for small and medium-sized M&A transactions on a national and international scale
  • Member of the advisory board of a young industry holding for small and medium-sized companies
  • Core-Branches: Energy management, automotive supplier, speciality chemicals, building technology, service industries and logistics

Personal Interests
Christmas baking takes me back to my family roots and provokes many feelings and yet in my second life I did not become a baker, but an entrepreneur with tangible products. I like to tackle every kind of sporting challenges.