Family Owned Companies

ACTIVE M&A Experts advises owners of family-owned companies, in particular within the framework of the transfer of an enterprise to the successor generation. In addition, we are service providers, e.g. in the strategic acquisition of activities, as a result of a merger with partner companies or when looking for and carrying out the negotiations with a new (active) copartner.

Small and Medium Size Companies

We advise and support small and medium-sized business groups in the best possible sale of assets, as well as in the further development by the acquisition of strategically appropriate operating units. We provide these services at the request and also as part of the organization of our clients.

Company groups

ACTIVE M&A Experts provides services for corporations in particular spin-off projects and for strategically motivated acquisitions. Through our international network M&A Worldwide we are also the right partner for the successful handling of cross-border transactions and the finalizations.

Small and Middle Sized Holdings, Family Offices
and Private Equity-Investors

Due to our special access to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and companies we enable investors good opportunities for short-, medium- and long-term entrepreneurial capital investment. We advise and support you during the entire acquisition process. We have special experience and direct access to national and international investment companies and know their investment objectives and investment portfolios due to our frequent contact.


With the acquisition of respectively, investment in private equity in the own company we can fully support MBO or MBI-Managers. This starts with the identification and addressing of appropriate companies and leads via the sales negotiations with the seller until the contract is concluded. Also on request we help in the selection and addressing of appropriate financing partners.